Bag Pro Malaysia, Your First Choice of Bag Spa Repair Restoration Service.

Our professional leather repair and restoration team helps return damaged leather to its former glory. We work to return the vibrancy and depth of colour to your beloved handbags and accessories of all brands and models, so they can continue to look their best. 

Spa Cleaning Service 

Your bag's appearance can undoubtedly be improved with a good clean. It functions similarly to how you would wash your automobile, albeit with a bit less frequency. However, less is more than enough to lead a better and healthier life.

Unlike your neighborhood laundromat, our handbag cleaning service treats each bag separately to ensure that the majority of the filth and grime is removed. The majority of the time, we repeat the cleaning process several times to achieve the greatest results while ensuring that nothing has been damaged. In addition to cleaning handbags, we also provide cleaning services for shoes, wallets, jackets, and sneakers owing to popular demand.

Bag Pro Malaysia keep your beloved as it new look at all time. 

Gold Plated Service

The process of gold plating involves chemically or electrochemically depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, most frequently copper or silver (to create silver-gilt).

Vachetta Leather Replacement Service 

Vachetta leather, usually referred to as cowhide leather, is a magnificent leather that is particularly sensitive to liquid, hand perspiration, dirt, and, shockingly, air and sunlight. It is most commonly found on Louis Vuitton monogram handbags. Air and sunshine elements break down the fibres and create oxidation, which results in the tanning of the leather. Liquid, hand perspiration, and dirt commonly colour the Vachetta leather so quickly that they leave traces of imprints on it.

Leather Replacement Service 

Broken handle is another common problem on most handbags, as they are the area where most movement occurs from your daily wear, especially when you are carrying load of essentials on a a thin handle. 

Handle repair necessitates a thorough grasp of the handle's architecture because every handbag designer built a handle slightly differently from the next. In order to ensure that the handle not only looks fixed but is also strong and trustworthy enough to carry your belongings for a long time, our specialised repairer pays close attention to all the handle's intricacies and repairs it from the inside out.

We have faith in our work to produce the greatest results, but we also back it up with a guarantee!

We enjoy maintaining your cherished at its!

Handbag Restoration 

Sick of the colour of your daily leather goods, and would like to go for a refreshing colour instead? Bag Pro Malaysia provide a variety of colours that go well with your cherished handbags. 

Hardware Repair

The majority of damaged hardware may just require minor repairs to resume functioning; while replacement is a possibility, it is still preferable to maintain the original hardware.

For purses, wallets, shoes, and jackets, we offer Zip Repair/Replacement, Strap Hardware Repair/Replacement, Handle Hardware Repair/Replacement, and Studs Replacement.


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